piran singing weekend


Vocal workshop with tradition

August 25th - 27th 2017
Minoritski samostan Sv. Frančiška
Bolniška ulica 30, Piran

Impressions, collected on numerous organized seminars and workshops of vocal techniques in Slovenia and abroad lead us to Piran where we started to organize in the season 2011 with almost 70 participants such a vocal course of education. The marvellous and remarkable acoustic Cross shaped hall of the monastery in Piran also hosted this summer the event where skilful led voices are intertwined with the relaxing sea rest. The seminar is meant for singers, choirmasters, private coaches, pedagogues and all who want to build up their vocal knowledge. There were 3 private coaches beside Robert Feguš, members of the Vocal Ensemble Minutiae. On Saturday the voices were appropriate trained and at the end of the day in the cross shaped hall echoed relaxed concert playing music. On Sunday in the morning there were organized performances in both churches in Piran.

Eva Hrastar, co-mentor
Matej Kocen, bass - co-mentor
Robert Feguš, professor of music - artistic director

The vocal seminar was organized the sixth time in a row. Currently there are negotiations in progress about the date for the vocal weekend in Piran 2018. Archive...

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