duet singing


Learn singing in duet | training in attentive listening

Season 2018/19
Singing room at Samostan Bazilike Matere Usmiljenja
Škofa Maksimilijana Držečnika 7, SI-2000 Maribor

Singing in duet and learn how to sing in two parts offers the chance where we can additionally improve the ear for music. The emphasis of the considered vocal technique’s skills is this time focused particularly on the intensive training of attentive listening. With that kind of individual vocal training a music ear is developed and singing virtues are strengthened, like stable intonation, the skill of general listening and the suitable timbre. Compact work (in the extent of five vocal meetings of two intensive hours) allow the preparation of the program for vocal duets on request of the participants.

Choir leader and vocal coach Robert Feguš.

The expenses for individuals to participate in 4 meetings per 2 lessons is: 140,00 EUR.
For enrolments of pairs (2 people at the same time) a discount of 20% will be considered.
Mr Feguš will admit to each cycle a maximum of 5 vocal pairs (10 students).

Are you a beginner or an advanced singer?

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