Public responses


" I always love to return this year it will have been the fourth time. We will see again next year! So much positive energy and most of all new vocal knowledge at one place. I am so thankful that I was and will always be a part of that." -- Karmen R., soprano, Piran 2017

" Thank you for all your efforts with the organization and realization of this magnificent experience. I think I can say that on behalf of all participants from Bistrica. We really acquired a lot and enjoyed it." -- Mirjana M., alto, Piran singing workshop 2017

" Expertise and plenty of useful vocal information fascinated me." -- Božena B., soprano, Piran 2017

" Although six months have passed already since I attended a seminar within JS’s organisation, I still remember it with pleasure. Advice and given knowledge of vocal coach were first and foremost useful for my personal level. Again I became aware of the fact how much I still must do for my music development despite already gained considerable knowledge, and that it is necessary to constantly learn and revise the already learnt things. This time, some technical and style contents were introduced to me in a new, fresh and different way. At the same time the singing teacher helped me, with a demonstration of a singing choir, to learn how to achieve required results with my own vocal group in a different way, which is much simpler and understandable for some singers. I like his way of showing each singing technique practically with singing, and not only theoretically. It is clear that he understands the singers’ troubles. This makes his seminars unique and listenable." -- Mateja R. J., choir leader and soprano, Workshop for choir leaders, Žalec 2015

" The voice sounds in a new dimension. You acquire a lot as singer and personality..." -- Andreja J., soprano, Singing seminar, Maribor 2015

" On the 5th April 2014 “OI” organised a seminar for leaders and members of singing choirs, which was led by singing teacher Robert Feguš. He introduced himself with good knowledge of the vocal technique and choral conduction work. He is an excellent vocal coach and lecturer, which was confirmed by all attendants of the seminar. They also wished for the seminar to be organised each year as the continuation. Robert is as well an excellent art director of Musica Vocal Ensemble. On the basis of all experiences with him I may claim that the work of Mr. Feguš is at high artistic and professional level. " -- Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities Gornja Radgona, 2014

" We experienced the singing workshop you can only dream about. Relaxed atmosphere, and simple, likable and at the same time professional approach of RF introduced new directions for our further work. Energy, which was to be felt throughout the whole day, was incredible. We received much more than just singing knowledge, something that simply cannot be described with words. All thrilled attendants continued singing late at night even after the finished workshop. " -- Ingrid K., choir leader, Vocal Workshop for choirs, Bled 2013

" The seminar of the vocal technique seemed like a drop on a hot roof, something that our choir had desperately needed. We got a miracle person, who solved our basic mistakes and gave us instructions for further work. I recommend the singing teacher and lecturer to keep spreading his ideas, competence and knowledge in Slovenia. Namely, we were given a lot. " -- Jelka K., conductor, Singing seminar for choirs, Ljubljana 2012

" With all respect, once more I sincerely thank Robert Feguš for his professional leading the vocal technique workshop. I thank for all positive energy and knowledge that he shared with us last weekend. All singers, who attended the seminar, yesterday at the rehearsal expressed a deep gratitude and excitement. The workshop of the vocal technique was for everybody a really priceless and precious experience, and an excellent direction for our further work. " -- Jerneja L., alt, Ljubljana 2012

" We had luck at choosing a singing teacher for performing a seminar of vocal technique. Vocal coach Robert Feguš has passed much useful newness on the singers with his boldness, great knowledge and experiences. I need to point out that I myself have participated at several seminars all over the world, but due to complicating many conductors were not able to introduce experiences as honestly and with such authority as Robert. Our lecturer has also spoken in a splendid way about values of cooperation in a choir. " -- Paola S., conductor, Singing workshops for choirs, Pula, Croatia 2011

" At the seminar we received broad knowledge, which was unselfishly given to us. All attendants recognised a great benefit of this workshop. Let me add that the knowledge I received myself regarding a correct breath and prior body relaxing, helped me that much I can simply not believe it. My big problems at singing have disappeared almost mysteriously. I am truly certain we will meet again. Good luck with your noble mission, the mission which enables many singers to enjoy even more in the choral singing. " -- Klaudija V., soprano, Vocal Workshop for choirs, Pula, Croatia 2011

" I had attended already several workshops before. I would classify the one with Robert among very quality ones regarding professional competence " -- Rožana Š., choir leader, Piran 2011

" It is basically very good that the theory is not based on books, but on practice, therefore the one gains enormous amount of practical advice at this workshop. " -- Vojko G., bass, Vocal meeting in Piran 2011

" I attended the Workshop of the vocal technique in Maribor. It was great, very educational, with relaxed atmosphere and professional approach of vocal coach Mr. Feguš. I learned many useful things, which will help me at further singing in a choir. I want to attend the workshop in Piran as well. " -- Olga M., soprano, Maribor 2011


" My respect and honour goes to the vocal ensemble Minutiae. You move me to tears with your angelic singing. Marvellous."
-- Damijana A., conductor, Piran singing weekend 2017

" JSKD OI Črnomelj cooperated with Mr. Robert several times, last in May 2012, when on tour with a Musica Vocal ensemble Musica in a church St. Ghost (Sv. Duh). In the church St. Ghost, which represents a central cultural facility in an old town centre of Črnomelj, we have been organising choice fine art and music events, and occasionally drama and literal events for already 7 years, since we were given a possibility to use it. Here we talk about performers of high quality and recognisability, who bring to our surrounding not only the significant quality of their activity, but also motivation and educational spirit for local/home creators. Mr. Feguš as well has magnificently integrated in the programme frame with his excellent vocal cast. By performing the programme from Bach to Ipavec they brought into our area a splendid content and a topmost performance. An artistic director of the Musica Vocal Ensemble exquisitely composed the concert programme (with a title An Evening Song) and he was very convincing and accurate at preparing the vocal cast. On the basis of good knowledge of the vocal technique and choral conduction he is also an excellent singing teacher, respectively a lecturer. I know him as such indirectly since some singers, respectively choir leaders from our surrounding have attended his seminars, respectively workshops, and they have been extremely pleased with his work. Considering all experiences I may claim that RF’s work is at a high artistic and professional level! " -- Helena Vukšinič, Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities Črnomelj, 2014

" JSKD OI Dravograd has cooperated with Mr. Robert already several times. In the year 2012, there was in our church St. Vid a topmost concert of the singing cast Musica. A guest performance of the singing cast under the leadership of vocal coach Robert Feguš significantly contributed to a quality cultural offer of our town and it also helped to stimulate home local choirs to strive for higher quality. In a mansion Bukovje we have as well together organised the workshops of the Vocal Technique, which have been led by Robert Feguš and they have been excellently accepted among the listeners. We can surely claim that Robert with his activities in the field of singing, where he is active artistically and professionally at an enviably high level, contributes to a great improvement of choral music in the Slovenian area. " -- Robert Preglau, Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities Dravograd, 2014

" It rarely happens that an expert attendant of a singing performance does not have any comment on a vocal and technical formation of a performing ensemble. This time I must admit that there has been everything: an intensive and consequently intonation flawless singing, a clear diction regarding articulation of more demanding consonants at the end of the words and regarding comprehensibility of the texts, very beautiful formations of phrases and consequently ascertained made music, sensible empathy within content’s messages… at a very high quality level. Interpretations as whole had as well been very well planned and as such also performed. The programme has been of a very high quality and the performances have been carried out in minute detail. I congratulate and wish much further success! " -- Mag. Ivan Vrbančič, professional vocal accompanying of the choir revues, Ptuj 2008

" Dear choir leader Robert feguš, dear singers! You have again surprised us with your well selected programme, with your knowledge and good music performance, and our critical audience has been amazed. Music of all international composers and folk music presented together with incredibly original outfit satisfied both an ear as well as an eye in that wonderful evening. We want to express our gratitude for responding to our invitation and we congratulate you on your excellent concert performance, which inspired every single listener among the audience. In the name of ӦS society from Graz I am sending best regards. " -- Mag. Ivanka Gruber, Graz Austria, 2007

" These four days have been very successful and we have managed to realise a worked-out programme in a very friendly environment. We extremely appreciate dynamic and kindness of our young friends from Slovenia. Well done Robert Feguš and Musica Chamber Choire, we like you a lot. I believe we have made a good bond of friendship and we will meet again. " -- Jean-François Delouzilliere, Saint Cyr 2006