musical theory


Seminar: Theory of music, reading music score

Saturday, September 16, 2017, 10am to 1pm
Singing room, Bazilika Matere Usmiljenja, Maribor

Is the knowledge of solfeggio really that difficult, that amateur singers rather avoiding it? The theory of music and its legalities are mathematically simple therefore we should bravely start training them. At the vocal workshop Solfeggio the lecturer Robert Feguš shares the skills and methods that considerably simplify the otherwise complicated score reading. You will learn: rhythmic melodious recognition and general substantial preparing and suitable interpretation. Solfeggio includes at the preparation phase of individual songs also the checking on interval, harmonic and content specifics. Mastering the basics of solfeggio enables an immediate integration in making music and fluent reading music of primavista singing (sight reading). Theory of music for three hours is most of all suitable for singers who do not have special prior knowledge in music theory but also the ones with a basic knowledge of reading music are invited.

Music pedagogue Robert Feguš.

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